Unlimited Health and Fitness
Course Accreditation

Training Provider Unlimited Course Accreditation
from £20
  • Professional Accreditation and recognition of an Unlimited number of Courses offered by the mentioned Academy.
  • One certified trainer authorized by the Academy.
  • Business profile listed in our directory, including comprehensive information, company logo, and images.
  • Permission to utilize our exclusive logo on your promotional materials, website, and authorized course certificates.
  • You will receive a membership logo pin badge.
  • Receive an official training academy certificate that includes your issued accreditation number.
  • Inclusion of links to your website and social media pages in the directory.
  • Option to secure insurance coverage through our affiliated insurance providers, some of which may offer discounted rates.
  • Access to a members-only dashboard featuring downloadable logos.
  • Templates for qualification certificates for your own students.
  • Flexibility to include online courses for accreditation.
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Health and Fitness Unlimited Course Accreditation

Welcome to the Health and Fitness Unlimited Accreditation program, your gateway to achieving excellence in the dynamic world of wellness. Whether you’re passionate about fitness, general health, sports, nutrition, yoga, mental health, safety, dance, or meditation, our accreditation acknowledges your dedication to promoting holistic well-being and empowering other students 

Categories we accredit within the Health and Fitness sector
⭐ Fitness
⭐ General Health
⭐ Sports
⭐ Nutrition & Diet
⭐ Yoga
⭐ Mental Health
⭐ Safety & First Aid
⭐ Dance 
⭐ Health Care

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