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We are a global organisation that provides accreditation for training providers and service providers in a variety of industries, whether it is for their resources or courses. You may have confidence that your students/clients are receiving a comprehensive, secure, and insurable education/service thanks to our accreditation. 

You can begin teaching any course or start performing your services when we have approved the paperwork you have submitted for certification. 

Why get your resources or courses accredited with us?

Our assessors can evaluate your materials or courses swiftly and efficiently since they have over 200 years of combined experience working in the industry. The procedure is extremely effective since we provide a high priority to accredit all businesses as soon as you submit your resources. We are globally recognised and we can better your chances of getting insured by our trusted insurance partners!

We are recognised worldwide!

Our licenced training providers are able to enter the industry thanks to the Trustmark. It carries our global endorsement. This accreditation demonstrates to our industry that you provide services of the highest calibre and enjoy our entire trust. Put the Course Accreditation Trustmark on your certificate or website, and you’ll find that you attract more clients right away. However, we don’t just give anyone our Trustmark. Only if you meet the requirements that we set, then you will be able to get accredited and enjoy the surplus of clients.

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Accredited Therapist Badge

Our online application process is simple and reasonably priced. In addition to being a lengthy procedure, there are also certain high standards that must be satisfied. However, the majority of therapists and beauticians that apply to become CA certified meet the requirements.

So, are you ready to get your resources or courses accredited? 

Are you ready to get your business accredited? 

Are you ready for the surplus of clients that you will receive upon accreditation?

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