Frequently Asked Questions that we think will help with your journey with Course Accreditation!

Course Accreditation is a globally recognised accreditation body. Because our board is independent of any institution or awarding agency, we will accept adequately trained therapists and training providers on an equal and equitable basis. We provide personalised care to each member, focusing solely on your membership. We exist to maintain standards and to help all practitioners, training providers, and members of the public who work in the health/beauty/wellbeing/spiritual sector. As a member, you will be able to add your services to our directory of professional practitioners and market them to thousands of visitors worldwide.

We cannot directly supply you with the insurance policy, however, you will be able to get discounts from our verified and trusted insurance partners.

Yes, we accept membership applications from service and training providers worldwide, as long as you meet our criteria. All applications, however, must be submitted in English.

You have the option to revoke at any time. After you have terminated your membership, you should no longer use our logos or claim to be a member of Course Accreditation in any of your papers or websites. After you have done so, your information and listing will be removed from our website. Please keep in mind that if you have a monthly or yearly subscription and wish to cancel, you must contact us directly. Membership cancellations made within the membership period are not refundable. You will be required 7 days from the written notice to process and cancel your membership!

All members of Course Accreditation should read our ‘Terms and Conditions’ page before purchasing a membership. Membership prices will not increase if you have an ongoing membership active. Click here to read our T&C

Once you have purchased a membership, you will be required to contact us via email with your order number, full name and business name. The email needs to include any description that you would like listed, your logo and contact information for any individual to be able to contact you!

The simplest method is to use our website’s online application form. You will then be given the option of paying monthly or annually. You can pay using PayPal, Stripe, a credit or debit card, or both. 

The membership will only automatically renew only if you do not cancel the membership before its renewal date.

Once you have become a member of Course Accreditation, you will be required to send us the necessary learning resources that you would like accredited via our designated form. Simply purchase your subscription then head over to the top or the bottom of the page where it says ‘SUBMIT RESOURCES’, we will then audit your content via our specialist assessment team and you will be notified via email once your documents have been accredited or need amendments, please allow up to 5 working days for each individual document to be assessed. You will also be listed on our ‘Directory’ page in order for other individuals to see that your course content is accredited.

We provide accreditation across 10+ industries, and in over 30+ sub-categories. To find out if we accredit within your industry head over to our list of Subscription Packages

To find existing accredited courses within your industry of choice head to our Directory with over 200 accredited educators.

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