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The purpose of accreditation is to provide assurance to students, employers, and the public that the accredited entity meets recognized standards of quality and is committed to continuous improvement.

If accreditation is present, it can indicate that an individual has attained a certain level of competency or expertise in a particular field.

By getting accredited, you have the chance to experience a surplus of clients or students that will be reassured that they are receiving a thorough and professional education or a service.



Unlock limitless accreditation for your courses! Choose from UNLIMITED courses across ANY INDUSTRY – beauty, hairdressing, marketing, music, and more. Access begins at just £20/month or £200/year, eliminating budget barriers for premium education.

No sign-up fee – we pioneered affordability! Invest in your growth without hidden costs. Join a community that values ambition and offers unparalleled value in education. 

Your journey to mastery begins here. Why settle for less when you can afford the best? Seize your opportunity now!

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Hairdressing Accreditation

Beauty & Hairdressing Accreditation

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Accreditation for other sectors

No need to worry, You have comprehensive cover!

The recognition of CA accreditation extends across various insurance firms on a global scale.
Feel confident that you can secure training or therapist insurance, ensuring your peace of mind.

Do you think you have what it takes?


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Benefits of Accrediting with CA

Leading accreditation body within the beauty industry providing worldwide recognised accreditation and high quality services at a best valued price!
  • Increased trust from clients and students
  • Taking a quality-focused approach
  • Experience a surplus of students or clients due to brand reputation
  • Introducing an internationally recognised, peer-reviewed and government-endorsed method of accreditation into your services and operations
  • Assuring your students/clients of the quality, competence, safety and dependability of recognised goods and services.
  • Competitive advantage
  • Reduced liability. This will protect a company from legal action and potential financial damages
  • Most likely to get insured, as your courses and treatments are accredited.
  • Expanded professional opportunities, as accreditation can open doors to partnerships, collaborations, and career advancement within your industry.
  • Validation of your expertise and competence in your field, giving you a competitive edge and increasing your professional reputation.

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