Reasonable Adjustments (RA) Pack


Purchase our Course Accreditation Reasonable Adjustments Pack to make sure that your students are aware that you are delivering up to industry standards education and services. Our pens carry our Trustmark that is worldwide recognised!


Course Accreditation – Reasonable Adjustments (RA) Pack

What is Reasonable Adjustments (RA):

Reasonable adjustments are changes an employer makes to remove or reduce a disadvantage related to someone’s disability. For example:

  • making changes to the workplace
  • changing someone’s working arrangements
  • finding a different way to do something
  • providing equipment, services or support

Reasonable adjustments are specific to an individual person. They can cover any area of work.

It’s not enough for employers to provide disabled people with exactly the same working conditions as non-disabled people. Employers must make reasonable adjustments by law (Equality Act 2010).

Some disabled people might not need or want adjustments, although this might change over time.


Our Reasonable Adjustments (RA) Pack

In order for us to accredit your courses/services you will require a Reasonable Adjustment(RA) policy in place. RA policies are require by law (Equality Act 2010).

Here at course accreditation Worldwide we have once again taken a step to making your accreditation process as simple as possible. If you don’t know what is required for your RA, Don’t have time or maybe just want to simplify and speed up your accreditation journey. We provide a complete, editable Reasonable Adjustments pack. The pack includes:

  • An online Editable Reasonable Adjustment policy
  • A learning Styles Assessment Form

About Course Accreditation

Once you have become a member of Course Accreditation, you will be required to send us the necessary learning resources that you would like accredited via our designated form. Simply purchase your subscription then head over to the top or the bottom of the page where it says ‘SUBMIT RESOURCES’, we will then audit your content via our specialist assessment team and you will be notified via email once your documents have been accredited or need amendments, please allow up to 5 working days for each individual document to be assessed. You will also be listed on our ‘Directory’ page in order for other individuals to see that your course content is accredited.

The Course Accreditation allows businesses of different fields to accredited their business, whether that be in their course or resources.

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