Annual Business Unlimited Course Accreditation

£200.00 / year

Categories we accredit within the Business sector.

⭐Management Skills


⭐Business Strategy


⭐Project Management

⭐Human Resources



Annual Business Unlimited Accreditation



After you have purchased our ‘Annual Business Unlimited Accreditation’ you will be required to submit some resources in order for you to become accredited:

  • Your Teaching Qualification

  • Your Course Material

  • Certificate of course/education completed in the course you are teaching


Our Annual Business Unlimited Accreditation allows to give you peace of mind, that your students are receiving a thorough, safe and insurable education. Once we’ve approved the documents in which you’ve submitted, you can go on to perform or teach any course in which have been approved for accreditation.

By purchasing our Annual Business Unlimited Accreditation, you will also become subject to a number of benefits that we offer to our accredited businesses, therapists, and tutors such as a ‘Starter Pack’ that is sent to your address once we have accredited your services/resources.
And as you’ve purchasing Annual Business Unlimited Accreditation from us, you’ll automatically receive insurance from our affiliate insurance providers.
Simply purchase the accreditation subscription which best suits you, which will give you accreditation on an unlimited amount of courses.


Benefits of our Annual Business Unlimited Accreditation Subscription:

  • Accreditation of Unlimited Courses performed by the the named tutor 
  • Professional recognition and accreditation of unlimited courses for the named academy 
  • 1 accredited trainer 
  • Business profile for the academy on our directory with full details, logo and profile images 
  • Use of our exclusive Logo on your promotion materials and website 
  • Official Accredited Teaching Certificate with Courses listed (regularly updated)  
  • Membership logo pin badge  
  • Choice to obtain insurance through our associated insurance providers, some of which may provide a reduced rate. 
  • Links to your website and social media pages included in the directory 
  • Free promotions on our events section 

About Course Accreditation

Once you have become a member of Course Accreditation, you will be required to send us the necessary learning resources that you would like accredited via our designated form. Simply purchase your subscription then head over to the top or the bottom of the page where it says ‘SUBMIT RESOURCES’, we will then audit your content via our specialist assessment team and you will be notified via email once your documents have been accredited or need amendments, please allow up to 5 working days for each individual document to be assessed. You will also be listed on our ‘Directory’ page in order for other individuals to see that your course content is accredited.

The Course Accreditation allows businesses of different fields to accredited their business, whether that be in their course or resources.

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