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First of all.. let's start with why Accreditation is IMPORTANT

Accreditation validates your training courses and school to the highest level.
This gives you the ability to accredit your courses and use a seal of approval on your students’ diplomas and marketing materials.
Your courses being accredited implies that your students will be able to obtain insurance from our insurance partners all around the world.
This will demonstrate to prospective students that your resources are of a high quality, and they provide effective and efficient learning materials, along with the fact that your qualifications have been confirmed.
Students want reassurance that they are buying the right course, and accreditation may provide it.
It demonstrates that you are a professional tutor who takes your position seriously.

How Do I Accredit My Resources?

You must fill out an application form provided by Course Accreditation. This will contain all the information on your academy’s amenities. The application form will have an area for you to write all of your company’s social media handles, website and email along with a space to upload the files that you would like accredited. You will also be asked for a short description of your academy to promote your firm since we will offer you a place in our directory listing as part of your accreditation.
You must submit your application together with the complete course manuals and lesson plans. You will be required to produce copies of these certifications since most employers want you to have teaching credentials in addition to credentials in the subjects you wish to teach. Some businesses also demand a certain amount of experience in your field.
Before providing your accreditation, a professional inside the firm will review the courses and either provide the accreditation, if they are already be accreditation-ready, or send them back with the necessary amendments.
Course Accreditation will provide you with some level of assistance and promotion in addition to recognition and insurance for your students. We will also promote your courses in our online directory. Additionally, you are welcome to utilise our logo on your certifications and marketing materials.

Benefits of being Accredited

These are only a few of the benefits of being accredited by Course Accreditation:

With the gold standard stamp of certification, you can demonstrate the excellent quality of your training.
Give your accreditation more weight in the business by using their logo on your course papers, website, and certificates.
 Assure prospective students of the high quality and trustworthiness of your courses.
Allow your pupils to obtain job insurance after completing your course.
Increase your bookings as a verified training provider by adding value to your training.

With that being said...

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