Unlimited Combined Hairdressing & Beauty Training Provider/Salon Accreditation

Hairdressing & Beauty Treatments and Courses
from £45
  • Accreditation of Unlimited Services performed by the 2 named professionals.
  • Professional recognition and accreditation of unlimited courses for the named academy
  • The academy is entitled to have 2 accredited trainers.
  • Both the professionals and academy will have a business profile featured in our directory, providing complete details, logo, and profile images.
  • You are authorized to use our exclusive logo on your promotional materials and website.
  • Receive an official accredited certificate that includes a regularly updated list of services.
  • Obtain a personalized certificate that lists the accredited courses for the named academy.
  • You will receive a membership logo pin badge.
  • You have the option to obtain insurance through our associated insurance providers, some of which may offer a reduced rate.
  • Your website and social media pages will be included in the directory, allowing for easy access and visibility.
  • Free promotion of your business and therapies on our social media handles and on our website.
  • Access to a members-only dashboard featuring downloadable logos.​

Unlimited Combined Hairdressing & Beauty Training Provider/Salon Accreditation

Welcome to our Unlimited Combined Hairdressing & Beauty Training Provider/Salon Accreditation, a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates the strengths of both hairdressing and beauty domains. Whether you operate a Training Academy that includes a beauty salon or a Training Academy that also provides beauty services, our combined accreditation offers a unique opportunity to excel in multiple facets of the hairdressing and beauty industry.

The Power of Combination:

1. Excellence:

Our Unlimited Combined Hairdressing & Beauty Training Provider/Salon Accreditation merges the expertise of both hairdressing and beauty domains, creating a powerful synergy that raises the bar for your establishment’s offerings.

2. Multiple Services:

Deliver a comprehensive beauty experience by seamlessly integrating training and salon/beauty services under one roof. Clients benefit from the full spectrum of your hairdressing and beauty expertise.

3. Enhanced Reputation:

Elevate your reputation by showcasing your commitment to excellence in training, salon services, and/or hairdressing and beauty services. This combined accreditation highlights your dedication to providing comprehensive education and outstanding salon experiences, setting your establishment apart in the industry.

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